Saturday, February 13, 2010

2009 Bloggie Awards...things that make you say, "hmmm"

I'm networked out the wa-zoo, so I have no idea now how I came to find out about voting for the 2009 Bloggie Awards but nevertheless, I found myself checking out the nominees in the various voting categories. All are in the running for the best blog of 2009. But as I browse, I notice something curious. There isn't a category for best pet blog! And I say to myself, "hmmm, why is that?" I mean, there's an awful lot of dogs with blogs who write very thoughtful posts and are truly committed to quality content on their blogs. Why not have a category for us dogs?! It's just not fair! So I emailed the sponsor contact ( to inquire. Sadly, I have yet to hear a reply.

Maybe you can try? If you get a response, please let me know, ok!


baystatebrumby said...

Yes, I agree with you! there are so many great blogs out there devoted to dogs, it would be such an honor to win such an award. I have a question for you, Isabel: are you named after a queen? I think you are extemely cute. I just want to snatch you.

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