Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday night "fun"...

Yeah so, all I wanted to do was play some ball with mom tonight, but she had other ideas. She brushed me and put a bow in my hair instead of doing what I wanted to do, then she said, I was too cute for words... I know from experience what's coming next! "cheeseburger!!" ugh, what's a yorkie to do? Yay me!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation is over, I'm home!

Mom and dad finally got home from vacation and now I'm home! Thank you Nana for watching me while they were gone...I love you!! Here's a few pictures from vacation (and YES, mom did bring me presents for my birthday-YAY!)

4th of July Fireworks in Colonial Williamsburg

After a few days in williamsburg, it' onto VA Beach!

Sunrise at the VA Beach

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More new friends..

Gosh, mom and dad went away on vacation and I can't wait to tell them that we now have 30 friends on my new doggy blog! Wah-hoo! This is so exciting. A big shout out to all my new friends! :yip yap:

I just had my 7th birthday, and boy did I have a great time! As some of you may know, I'm staying with my Nana and Grandad while my mom and dad are away. And I had no idea, but my cousin Willow (she's 3) threw me a surprise birthday party! I had a great time playing ball with her and her brother Maxwell (he's 1-1/2). Nana had balloons and streamers and everything! It was a blast! Mom called right when everyone was singing happy birthday to me and that was great too. (wonder if she will bring me any presents back from her vacation?)

So it's great to be at Nana's house, but I'll be so glad when mom and dad get back! Mom told me she'd be back Saturday.

Hugs to all my blogger friends and I promise to tell mom to read up on all your blogs when she gets back!

xx Isabel

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big day is just days away...

And mom&dad won't be there! Terrible, but this year my mom and dad won't be home for my birthday. (:mom speaking:) Yes, it's true, my hubby and I will be on a much needed vacation. (emphasis on "much needed") So Isabel will be staying with her Nana (my mom) and Grandad (my dad) while we are away. And she loves them and they love (and spoil) her! But still, I will miss her everyday. But the point of my entry is...

...because of what donned on me just tonight. Next Tuesday Isabel turns seven years old. Then I realized the date of next Tuesday. She will be SEVEN on 7/7 that's a pretty lucky number combination (if you're into lucky number things). Thought that was a semi-interesting tidbit worth mentioning on the doggy blog.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stick out your tongue challenge

So have you heard about the challenge at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures blog? They are about to celebrate their upcoming 100th post!! This should be a fun one to see! So I'm joining in on the fun with my entry...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nerves...what to say

Gosh, why do I have so much anxiety about blogging? I think some of my angst is because I read so many great blogs and I am in awe of how some people can make the most common conversation interesting. Then there are those whose words offer great inspiration and you're just all sobby at the end of the read. Still others are just wonderful givers. They offer great links to great places on the web and you just feel like your learned your "one new thing" for the day after reading their entry. So refreshing when that happens! Then there is me, just me with my little dog Isabel. We don't have a glamorous life, we don't have some great inspirational story to offer, we just live in this little town in the mountains of western Maryland, but yet I had this feeling of needing to connect with others who love their dogs (or cats or whatever animal suits them) to a point that I create a blog for my beloved pet. So yeah, back to my point. I'm nervous about my new blog. And I'll even admit that I have visited my blog every day for the last three days without writing one new entry. Perhaps facing my fear by stating it to whoever stumbles here will help me move further from my anxiety closer to just writing about what is on my (or Isabel's) mind at the time and not worry that I might say something dumb out loud for everyone to read. Thanks for listening, I feel much better already!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

On a mission...

So I'm on a mission to find new friends and followers for my blog. (shoutout to to my first 3 followers: Rachel Reed, Barefoot Nana, Petey) I am most inspired by my new friend Petey (:wags to petey) of Petey's Playhouse who just recently blogged his 200th post!! I think that is just amazing. Kudos to you Petey!! I figure that now that I have my new blog all set up, I can spend more time looking for friends. This should be fun!

P.S. If you happen to be here by accident, why not follow me and I'll return the favor, that would be great!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Custom Blogger Header

This is my first post on the new doggy blog and I'm so excited because with this blog, (drum roll please!) comes my new custom header done by Cynthia at (it will be arrving shortly) I actually came across Cyn on Twitter. Just in a very round about way. Course I started an isabeltheyorkie twitter page (and myspace, and facebook, and website). It's just a way for me to network with other dog lovers and I admit it makes me feel like I'm apart of all the media hype and obsession with twitter right now. (you know, kinda edgy in a nerd-like way)

But anyways, I came across Cyn in an inadvertinant way on Twitter (her twitte a.k.a. is NapWarden-I forgot to ask her who this person/superhero is-you'll see it on her site). If I remember correctly, I think the way I found her was through following Somehow from her, I ran into Austin Girls twitter page. I'm not certain if Tricia was following/being followed by her or what. But Austin Girls custom page caught my eye right away and it was from there that I made my way to connect with Cyn! (sometimes a girl has to know how to dig on the web in order to find her way) One thing weird though, now that I'm backtracking all of this, I come to realize that Austin Girl's profile is no longer on twitter. hmm.

So Cynthia and I collaborated the idea for my custom header and I just love it! Let me know what you think as well