Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Custom Blogger Header

This is my first post on the new doggy blog and I'm so excited because with this blog, (drum roll please!) comes my new custom header done by Cynthia at (it will be arrving shortly) I actually came across Cyn on Twitter. Just in a very round about way. Course I started an isabeltheyorkie twitter page (and myspace, and facebook, and website). It's just a way for me to network with other dog lovers and I admit it makes me feel like I'm apart of all the media hype and obsession with twitter right now. (you know, kinda edgy in a nerd-like way)

But anyways, I came across Cyn in an inadvertinant way on Twitter (her twitte a.k.a. is NapWarden-I forgot to ask her who this person/superhero is-you'll see it on her site). If I remember correctly, I think the way I found her was through following Somehow from her, I ran into Austin Girls twitter page. I'm not certain if Tricia was following/being followed by her or what. But Austin Girls custom page caught my eye right away and it was from there that I made my way to connect with Cyn! (sometimes a girl has to know how to dig on the web in order to find her way) One thing weird though, now that I'm backtracking all of this, I come to realize that Austin Girl's profile is no longer on twitter. hmm.

So Cynthia and I collaborated the idea for my custom header and I just love it! Let me know what you think as well


Petey said...

Hi Isabel!

Thanks for visiting my bloggie! I'll be sure to mention you in my next post so all my pals will drop by and say hello. I just celebrated my 1st year of blogging with my 200th post. Phew!

You'll be there in no time!

Your pal,


Rachel said...

Hey Isabel, so glad you came to see us. We hope you will visit again soon and we are looking forward to getting to know you. P.S. I love to fish too!

Bijou said...


Welcome to the DWB family. Your blog is very pretty and the header is pawesome!

Wags & wiggles,

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