Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nerves...what to say

Gosh, why do I have so much anxiety about blogging? I think some of my angst is because I read so many great blogs and I am in awe of how some people can make the most common conversation interesting. Then there are those whose words offer great inspiration and you're just all sobby at the end of the read. Still others are just wonderful givers. They offer great links to great places on the web and you just feel like your learned your "one new thing" for the day after reading their entry. So refreshing when that happens! Then there is me, just me with my little dog Isabel. We don't have a glamorous life, we don't have some great inspirational story to offer, we just live in this little town in the mountains of western Maryland, but yet I had this feeling of needing to connect with others who love their dogs (or cats or whatever animal suits them) to a point that I create a blog for my beloved pet. So yeah, back to my point. I'm nervous about my new blog. And I'll even admit that I have visited my blog every day for the last three days without writing one new entry. Perhaps facing my fear by stating it to whoever stumbles here will help me move further from my anxiety closer to just writing about what is on my (or Isabel's) mind at the time and not worry that I might say something dumb out loud for everyone to read. Thanks for listening, I feel much better already!


Diego Dog said...

The fun thing about bloging is when you have something to sy you say it (and your post was done very well) and if you don't have anything to say you don't have to say anything. Just post a picture!!

Diego Dog

Bijou said...

Hi Isabel,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have only been blogging since last October, so am fairly new at this too. Some doggies have had their blogs for years! I try to blog everyday, but sometimes mom just doesn't have the time or nothing even slightly interesting happened to blog about. Like Diego said, when that happens you can just post a picture or two. We love pictures. They can tell an entire story without you having to write a single word.

Wags & wiggles,

Jadielady said...

Hello Isabel/Isabel's mom. I'm Jadielady and I follow you on Twitter as well :)

Mason Dixie said...

Hey Isabel thanks for stopping by to see me. I have been blogging for almost a year now and I love it, at first I was like um yeah okay who is going to read about silly little me? but they do!!! I used to post daily but mom has been pretty lax about it lately but I always read if I do not leave a comment. I have an Aunt Mavis that is a yorkie, she is crazy =)

Stella said...

Hi Isabel:

Thanks for visiting my blog, I am very happy to meet you!

I usually blog Monday thru Friday and take the weekends off but sometimes if I find something for Saturday I will put it in. No rules, just do what you want. I was rescued last October so thats about how long I have been blogging.

Don't be a bit nervous either, just post pictures and a greeting if you want. We are anxious to get aquainted!


Bell and Kimberly said...

Dear Isabel & her mama,
My mom had this happen to her when she first started blogging. She said she would have made an easier website address for my blog, and an easier shorter name for the title, and she would have NOT EVEN MADE THIS FOR ME if she wasn't blocked @ work from other fun stuff she liked to do. Doggy Blogging has taken ofurr my mama a little bit and SHE LIKES IT. She reads comments a lot to me from other dawgs... welcome to the big huge family you never would have guessed so many of us existed.. at least mama says so...
Happy Friend Finding...
Bell girl

Yorkie Lover said...

Isabel and mama
Love seeing another special yorkie site. Love it, you have faithful followers with the 5 of us and our mama.
Our mama said that we can visit and come here often.

Sam, Sloan, Scooter, Spencer and Bindi and mama

Lexi said...

Hi Isabel,
Your blog is so cute , I really like it. You just say whatever you feel like saying or just share a cute/funny/silly photo. It's nice to meet you.

SEDONA said...

Hi Isabel,
My human knows what you mean about having "blogger's block"...several of her friends have blogs and have been trying to get her to start one but she didn't think she'd have enough interesting things to say/share. But then she discovered Dogs With Blogs and inspiration hit! So now, *I* am the source of stuff to right about, even if it's not on a daily basis.
So you're off to a great start! Keep on goin'!
And thanks for visiting me!
Your new pal,

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