Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation is over, I'm home!

Mom and dad finally got home from vacation and now I'm home! Thank you Nana for watching me while they were gone...I love you!! Here's a few pictures from vacation (and YES, mom did bring me presents for my birthday-YAY!)

4th of July Fireworks in Colonial Williamsburg

After a few days in williamsburg, it' onto VA Beach!

Sunrise at the VA Beach


chicamom85 said...

Isabel I am so glad that you are home. I am sure you had a fun time with Grandma, but there is no place like home with Mom and Dad.

I hope you got lots of pressies.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Jadielady said...

I'm glad you had a happy birthday and great vacation! Virginia Beach is very nice :)

SEDONA said...

Looks like your humans had a very nice vacation, Isabel! Maybe next time, they'll find a dog-friendly place & bring you along!
Your pal,

Lexi said...

Hi Isabel,

It sounds like you had a great Birthday party at your Nana's house. I bet you are happy to be's always nice to be with your mom and dad.
Have a fun day.

Tiffany said...

Hi Isabel! We finally made it over and caught up on your blog. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday party but we're sure that you're glad you are home. Happy belated Birthday, by the way. We are sending you lots of belated birthday Chihuahua hugs and kisses.

Oh and we wanted to let you know that our Uncle Rascal is a Yorkie too!

Chihuahua kisses,
Bentley & Lexus

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